SB Home Solutions: Home of the 30 Day Listing

Everyone knows that the metro Phoenix area is one of the hottest markets in the country, so why do some listings sit on the market for months before they sell? The answer is not a simple as you might think.

Pricing strategy and market exposure are two of the most important factors when selling a home, and the listing specialists of SB Home Solutions have those factors down to a science.

Because of our careful assessment of the property, your goals, and the local market, we are confident in our ability to get your home sold as quickly as we can and for the highest possible dollar amount. Our confidence is demonstrated by our unique offering: a 30 day listing agreement.

A shorter listing agreement  means you won't be locked in with us. If your home doesn't go under contract during those 30 days, you will have the options to explore other options rather than just letting it sit on the market for months.


Depending on the location, condition, and value of your home, market time may vary. For example, homes at a higher price point often take a little longer to sell, due to a smaller pool of qualified buyers. Part of our initial listing process is a local market analysis that will give you a better idea of what to expect.

While we would love to help every seller that comes to us for help selling property, we are honest if we don't think we are the best agents for the job. If you are ready for a free, no-commitment preliminary home sale proposal from honest agents who will treat your goals as if they were their own, contact Alex Fajardo or Ryan Forger directly.

You can also read our testimonials to see what others have to say about the five star service we provide.