If you just moved into a new place or you have been in your home for a while and are needing to spruce up your decor, we have you covered. Typically when you have friends or guests over you spend a lot of time in your living room. We put together our favorite living room decor items under $30 that can change the whole ambiance of your home. Check them out and let us know what you think:

Decorative Pillow Covers: $29.99


Pillow covers are a great, low cost choice to change up your living room decor. These pillow covers are perfect combo of modern and classic.

Wall Hanging Geometric Planters: $24.99

Sticking with the geometric modern theme, these planters are a great option to add some extra dimension to your wall art. Plus, succulents are in.

Coffee Table Decor: $27.99

The more succulents the better, right? This piece is great for the coffee table or it would be great on an entry table or console table.

Leaf Wall Paintings: $24.90


Organic, simplicity is definitely in-style and these leaf paintings fit that style perfectly. What a deal, you get all 3 of these paintings for only $24.90. They would look fantastic behind your couch.

Rustic Floating Bookshelf: $25.99


This gorgeous bookshelf is perfect for adding a little extra storage as well as some extra dimension to your living room. Plus, how could you not love it for $25.99!

Throw Blanket: $27.99


First of all, you can never have too many throw blankets. This one is super soft and would be the perfect addition to add some texture to your couch.


Side Table Lamp: $29.99


This lamp is such an edgy piece to add to your living room. It’s not the typical metal, industrial lamp but changing up the material adds such a different element to the space.


Which one is your favorite piece?! If you are needing a living room to decorate, we would love to help you find a new home.