Arizona is known for it’s amazing hiking. However, this time of the year hiking (at least during the day) is not a common hobby. Cue the night hiking! Now, you want to be prepared so check out a few of our tips and tricks and head out to one of our favorite spots to catch an amazing sunset or take in the city views after dark.

Never go alone.

Hiking by yourself in general can be dangerous. When embarking on a night hike you should never go alone. You never know what kind of animals are out and about at that time and it can sometimes be easier to slip and hurt yourself. If you go out by yourself you can find yourself in a scary situation pretty quickly. Remember the buddy system!


Bring lots of water.

Obviously we live in the desert and know how important staying hydrated is especially in summer, but don’t forget to take plenty of water when you go out for a night hike. It is still warm out even if you’re not getting cooked by the sun. Plus, if something were to happen you want to make sure you’ve got lots of water.


Know what time the trail and parking lot closes.

Most hiking spots like Piestewa Peak or South Mountain close the gate at 7pm but the trails don’t close until 11pm. Make sure you are parked by 7pm and make sure you’re back to your car by 11pm.


Keep your cell phone handy & make sure it is charged.

Hopefully you don’t find yourself in a scary situation while night hiking but if you do, you will want to make sure you have your cell phone and if need be, can call for help. Most trails in the valley have some cell service like at McDowell Mountain or “A” Mountain.


Bring a Lantern or some sort of light source.

Using a lantern or even a headlight while night hiking is a game changer. Hiking during the day is hard enough, when you add the low visibility factor at night it can be easier to slip and fall or lose your footing. Not all night hiking spots are well lit so be sure you know your hiking trail.


Wear proper hiking shoes.

It’s a good idea whenever hiking to wear hiking boots or shoes since regular tennis shoes are easier to slip, but again it is especially important to wear the proper shoes while hiking at night.


Don’t hike a trail at night if you have not hiked it during the day.

You want to make sure that you are familiar with a trail before deciding to hike it at night because again the low visibility aspect can be dangerous. Also, if you have already hiked a trail during the day you know how long it takes you or where you should turn around and go back, this is super helpful at night since trails do close and you don't want to get lost.


If you are wanting to live near a hiking trail, we would love to set you up on a search for homes near your favorite spot. Happy hiking!