Whether you're a seasoned agent or brand new to the industry, we thank you for considering our team as the next (and hopefully last!) step in building your career.

SB Home Solutions was established in 2011 by Ryan Forger and Alex Fajardo. Today it has grown into a team of agents working together to provide seamless service to our valued clients in the purchase and sale of real estate. We pride ourselves in the top-notch resources we provide our clients and the five star customer care they experience.

The same quality we offer our clients is provided to the agents on our team. One of our primary goals is to create opportunities for each and every one of our agents to reach an optimal level of success. By providing tools, technology, training, lead coordination, productivity coaching, and more, we attempt to place our agents in the best position to achieve the highest possible level of success.

Buyer Specialist responsibilities:

  • Convert leads generated by the team
  • Prospect for leads using proven SB Home Solutions methods
  • Set tasks and conduct lead follow up
  • Provide guidance as leads prepare to purchase a home
  • Show property to qualified buyers
  • Assist buyers in identifying the perfect home
  • Submit offers and negotiate contracts
  • Remain the point of contact for your client throughout escrow
  • Nurture past client relationships
  • Participate in ongoing individual coaching and training
  • Have fun!

As a member of our team you will never be asked to:

  • Figure it out on your own
  • Pay for leads
  • Cold call
  • Do anything that we wouldn't do
  • Complete requirements that aren't generating results
  • Pay your own business expenses

While our home office is located in Phoenix, AZ, we are expanding into other markets as well. If you are interested in joining our home team or one of our expansion teams in Tucson, Las Vegas, or Chicago, please contact our Director of Agent Success by phone or email. We keep all inquires confidential and will always provide a private setting to discuss any questions you may have.