Start your research early. By visiting our site, you're already off to a great start! It is always a good idea to familiarize your self with the market and start exploring your options early on. This exploration helps you to get a good idea of what your goals are and what kind of home you'd like to find.

 Get pre-qualified. Talk to a lender to find out exactly what you can afford or if there is anything you need to do to get pre-approved. It is NEVER too early to start thinking about financing. You would be amazed at the number of people who think they are well-qualified and find out too late about an unforeseen issue. The opposite is also true! Some people are pleasantly surprised when they find out they can afford more than they originally thought. Important note: You will need a pre-approval in order to submit an offer!

 Find the right real estate agent. Experience, communication, and local expertise are common factors that buyers consider when selecting an agent. Something else to consider is whether the agent works on a team or on their own. This isn't to say the working with an individual agent is necessarily a bad option, but working with team offers many additional benefits that are important to consider when making your decision.

Individual agents are responsible for all of their clients, but they also have to be generating new business, managing ongoing transactions, budgeting and business planning, and developing and maintaining the resources they might provide their clients such as websites and marketing materials.

Our team of agents works together seamlessly to provide a network of support that will exceed your expectations. Your assigned agent will be your point of contact from introduction to closing and won't become distracted with other elements of the business because we have designated support staff to assist them every step of the way.

 Determine your search criteria. Get started by downloading our free search criteria worksheet. There is some criteria (such as how updated the home is) that is difficult or impossible to search with on the MLS, and it is important that your agent knows about these details so that they can help you find the best options available.

When you are ready, you can input the information directly into our advanced search or map search. The map search is especially helpful if you know the area you want to be in can't be defined by city or zip code. Some of the most important information to include is the type of home you want, location, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and of course, budget.

 Shop for your home and make an offer. Every single home on the MLS is available on our website. New property alerts that match your search criteria will be sent to your email daily (or at intervals you select) so you will always know about new listings as they become available. Some third party websites like Zillow and Trulia can't say the same!

Well-priced homes sell very quickly in our market. Your assigned agent will work with your schedule to get you in to see homes that catch your eye as soon as possible. Your agent will also make sure that you have everything prepared so that when you find the perfect home, there will be no delays in submitting an offer.

 Get an inspection. Your 10 day inspection period begins . A licensed inspector will visit and inspect the interior and exterior of the home to make sure that everything is in working order. You will receive a full report and be able to decide if you would like to move forward with the purchase as is, request repairs, or cancel the contract. Your agent will help you weigh your options and decide on the best option.

 Apply for a loan. Once you have an accepted offer, your lender will be able to move forward with the loan application. If they haven't already, your loan officer will request all necessary information and documentation. Make sure to provide everything  in a timely manner so that the application process can move forward smoothly.

 Get an appraisal. The lender will order an appraisal once the inspection is complete and you have decided to move forward with the purchase. An appraiser is a licensed, independent third party who is contracted to estimate the value of the home and confirm that you are paying a fair price.

As long as the appraisal comes in at or above the purchase price, you are all set to move forward. If it comes in low, you have the opportunity to renegotiate with the seller or cancel outright. The bank will not lend on a purchase price higher than the home value, so the options are to lower the total price or make up the difference in cash.

 Coordinate and complete all paperwork. As you may imagine, a lot goes into buying a home. A good agent will help you be prepared with everything you will need and navigate the ins and outs of the process until closing. Our team also has a full-time transaction coordinator to help support you and your agent along the way.

 Closing time! After the signing of final documents and delivering of funds, simply wait for the green light and collect your new keys.


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You can also contact us for help setting up your search, to schedule a showing, or with any questions you may have.