At SB Home Solutions, we pride ourselves in offer the best and most innovative marketing strategies available. Whether that means using technology to get your property in front of as many prospective buyers as possible, or going back to basics and canvassing a neighborhood looking for people who might be interested, we offer it all.

Each seller we work with has the opportunity to choose one of three marketing packages as part of our Tiered Listing Solutions. Depending on the package selected, different strategies will be employed. Take a look at the following descriptions of each marketing element in order to better understand the distinctions between each package.

MLS Write Up

Listing your home on the MLS ensures that it will be seen by all qualified buyers working with an agent, as well as those looking on their own. However, not every MLS listing is created equal. When a field is not required in the listing, some agents elect to leave it blank. This seemingly small act may cost you visibility buyer are searching for that specific feature.

For example, if a buyer is looking for a specific school district and your home is in that district but the information is not included in your listing, that buyer won't see it!

We include every detail possible to ensure the highest possible exposure to qualified buyers, and this is included in all marketing packages.

Professional Photography

Professional photography is an absolute must when the vast majority of buyers are scrolling through hundreds of properties a day online. Nine times out of ten, buyers won't even click on a listing with low-quality images when they are sandwiched between professionally photographed homes.

Keep in mind, photos are not professional just because someone was paid to take them. We use true professional photographers who know how to use light, space, and angles to display your home at its best. Our photographers also offer extras such as color-correction, "blue sky" editing in case of a cloudy day, and more.

Professional photography is included in all of our marketing packages, with additional extras included in the Standard and Platinum options.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are a great way for buyers to consider the layout of the home. All too often, buyers are unable to visualize how the still images fit together and may discount a home because it is too open or not open enough. By providing a floor plan, buyers are able to see exactly how a home is laid out to aid them in their decision.

Floor plans are included in the Platinum package and are also available as an add-on.

3D Virtual Tour

Our 3D virtual tours are consistently considered one of the best forms of marketing we have available. These tours are a great way to get a feel for the "flow" of the home, rather than trying to piece together the still images. Buyers love the opportunity to explore the home before ever going through the door, and are that much more excited to see it in person when they determine that it is a good option.

These tours are included in our Platinum Marketing package and are also a popular add-on.

Staging/Virtual Staging

Standing in the middle of an empty room, it can be extremely difficult to envision oneself living in or furnishing the space. Empty rooms are not inviting, and can actually look smaller than a well-furnished space. By staging a home with professionally selected and arranged furniture and décor, buyers are far more likely to picture themselves living in (and loving!) your home. Virtual staging is a less expensive option that provides similar benefits when buyers are viewing photos or virtual tours online. 

This marketing option can make a world of difference in the home-sale process that is included in our Platinum Marketing package, and is the most common add-on to our Standard Marketing package.

Social Media Marketing

This kind of marketing is our specialty. By targeting specific groups of social media users, we ensure that your property is marketed to the people that are most likely to want to purchase a home like yours.

Social media marketing is included with our Standard and Platinum Marketing packages.

Custom Property Websites

Our "coming soon" websites give potential buyers a way to check out your property before it is even officially on the market. We blast our database of over 10,000 unique individuals, as well as other agents in the valley who may have a client just waiting for a home like yours.

Once the home is listed, a custom property website is designed to display property information, photography, virtual tours, and more.

Custom Websites are offered in both Standard and Platinum packages, while the coming soon campaigns are available with the Platinum plan or as an add-on.

Enhanced Listings on over 350 Websites (Zillow, Trulia, etc.)

Typically, listings on third party sites such as Zillow and Trulia are marketed to buyers who can request more information from agents that pay to advertise on the site. By enhancing our listings on those sites, you can be sure that showing requests come directly to us, rather than to an agent whose primary goal is to retain the buyer as a client rather than showing the specific property.

Enhanced listings are included in all marketing packages.

Yard Sign/Text for Information Rider

Yard signs are a time-tested way to advertise homes for sale, but we go one step further by providing a modern twist. Instead of calling us directly, interested buyers can simply text a code and instantly receive information about the listing, including a link to the custom property website.

Signs and riders are included in all marketing plans.

Direct Mail

We generate custom "just listed" mailers for each and every property we sell. These mailers are sent to groups of people that are most likely to be interested in your home, typically neighbors looking to upsize or downsize, or people in nearby neighborhoods that see a lot of movement to yours.

Direct mail is included with our Standard and Platinum Marketing packages, with 50+ and 500+ pieces included respectively.

Calling and Door Knocking

Sometimes people don't even know they want something until it is right in front of them. By calling directly and going door-to-door, we make sure that your home is seen by everyone, including those that aren't actively looking but who might be the perfect candidate (or know the perfect candidate) to buy your property.

This level of prospecting is included in the Platinum package or as an add-on.

Open Houses/Broker Opens (Optional Catering)

At the end of the day, the goal is to get as many qualified buyers (and their agents) through your door as we can. By hosting open houses that providing memorable marketing materials, valuable information, and professional customer service, we ensure that interested buyers will have a good experience in your home. Our strict follow-up process ensures that every visitor receives everything they need in case of further interest.

Our catering option for our Platinum Marketing package sellers goes above and beyond that typical open house by attracting more buyers and agents than the average open house, and ensuring a positively associated experience.

Open Houses/Broker Opens are included with our Standard and Platinum Marketing packages, but catering is only offered at the Platinum level (or as an add-on).

Block Party

Other than you, no one is more invested in the sale of your property than your neighbors. They want to see rising property values, occupied homes, and are typically big fans of the neighborhood. One of our most exciting marketing strategies is to host a fun block party and invite the neighborhood to stop by for a quick property tour, refreshments, and fun. This gives neighbors a chance to take a look at your home and spread the word about availability in an area they love.

Block parties are included in the Platinum Marketing package, or as an add-on. However, not every property is a good candidate for this kind of event. We reserve the right to adjust our approach if a block party is not possible.

Pricing Strategy

Price is the single most important factor in getting your home seen by qualified buyers.

Consider this scenario: Your home is worth $395,000. You elect to list your home for $430,000 with the common belief that this approach "leaves room for negotiation."

What you haven't considered is that your home doesn't offer the same features (whether it be location, size, etc) as other homes at that price point. Buyers that are considering these homes will not choose to view your home, because it simply isn't worth what you're asking.

Similarly, buyers looking under $400,000 (searches are commonly capped in predictable places such as $100,000s or $50,000s) won't see your home at all, even though it would be one of the best options on their list had you listed it at market value.

Learn more about the importance of pricing strategy.