We know there are many options available to you when listing your home, and we are honored that you are considering our services. If you choose us, you can be sure that you will receive all the perks of working with a team that is in the business of creating valuable, lasting relationships rather than simply earning a quick paycheck.

Our agents have the local knowledge and expertise that will help your home to stand out from the moment it hits the market. We use the time-tested strategy is pricing your home correctly from the very beginning so that is doesn't sit on the market for so long that qualified buyers believe there must be something wrong with it.

However, pricing isn't everything. Continue reading to get an idea of the step-by-step process of what you can expect when you list with us.

 Preliminary Home Valuation

This is the first step for many sellers. In the beginning stages, you may not be sure that you even want to sell. You may be testing the waters to find out if selling is the right option for you at this time.

Our team will never push you to get your home listed as soon as possible. We understand that this might be an exploratory process, and we are simply positioning ourselves as a resource for you to help you make an informed decision.

By requesting this home valuation, you will receive a brief report that will establish a general value for your home based on the current market. It doesn't take into account many of the specific variables that come into play when pricing a home. Rather, it focuses on the most important elements such as location and size of the home in order to give you a quick estimate to help you decide if you'd like to find out more.

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A CMA, or comparative market analysis, is often the first step for homeowners who already know they want to sell their homes. It is also the second step for those who were encouraged by what they learned from the preliminary home valuation.

This report is a more in-depth valuation process that takes the specifics of your unique property into account when considering the current market. These additional details allow our listing specialists to zero in on a more exact market value and provide you with a formal pricing proposal.

The best way for us to gather the necessary information is to meet you at the property for a property assessment. While this quick walk-through is the best option, we can also consider interior and exterior photos and have a more in-depth conversation with you if an on-site meeting isn't possible.

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 Listing Consultation

With CMA in hand, it is time to meet with our listing specialists. Alex Fajardo and Ryan Forger are also the owners of the team, so you can be sure you will receive top-notch service.

A listing consultation is an opportunity for our specialists to sit down with you and propose a strategy for listing your home. They assess your goals, review the CMA and pricing proposal, introduce our unique Tiered Listing Solutions & 30 Day Listing, and conclude by recommending the best course of action for you and your property.

This appointment does not require any commitment from you to list with us, but will go over what that agreement would look like should you choose to work with us. Many times, sellers are ready to finalize an agreement then and there.

 Listing Agreement

This agreement is a bilateral contract between you and our listing specialists that includes all of the agreed upon listing details, such as list date, price, commission, and expiration date. Each and every element of this contract must be agreed upon prior to being signed, so you don't have to worry about signing something you don't agree to.

Keep in mind that this agreement can be executed well before you are actually ready to put your home on the market, but will secure our services and the agreed-up details in advance.

 Get Your Home Ready to Sell

During the listing consultation, we will have proposed a course of action for listing your home. This strategy differs for each and every property, but may include anything from simple decluttering to a fresh paint job to replacements or repairs.

The period just prior to listing your home is the time to complete these steps to make sure your home has it's best face forward the moment it goes on the market. We will be there every step of the way to assist as needed with everything from staging suggestions to recommendations for professional home service providers.

While you get things ready on your end, we will be working diligently to prepare the listing and marketing materials. This varies depending on which marketing package you select, but even our smallest package includes sign and lockbox installation, professional photography, and a full MLS write up. For our larger marketing packages, we will also be creating coming soon campaigns, custom websites, social media marketing, 3D virtual tours, and more.

See a complete list of our marketing strategies!

 List Your Home

Your home will be live on the MLS immediately, and active on third-party real estate websites within a couple of days (syndication times vary). 

We always list on the same day of the week to encourage optimal traffic for the first weekend on the market. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the first weekend includes a minimum of one open house to provide access to as many qualified buyers as possible.

 Consistent Communication

Some agents think that once the home is listed, their job is done. We know that the job isn't done until escrow is closed and that you don't want to chase us down every time you want an update.

We have a regular update procedure that allows you to stay consistently informed on the listing activity. Every Tuesday, you will receive a report detailing showing activity, buyer and agent feedback, open house traffic (if applicable), recommendations for how to proceed, and more, so you will never feel out of the loop.

Our specialists are also working 24/7 to schedule showings, answer buyer questions, and receive offers for you to consider.

 Offer Negotiation

When we receive an offer on your property, will will immediately send it to you and contact you directly to summarize the information. Our specialists are seasoned experts when it comes to considering the pros and cons of each offer, and will always be available to help you weigh your options.

Because of our current market and the marketing strategies we employ, many of our sellers end up considering multiple offers at once. This gives you the luxury of choosing the best and most qualified offers when it is time to make a decision.


Once you have accepted an offer, escrow will be opened with the title company. The buyer will schedule an inspection and request any repairs that they deem necessary on a document called a BINSR. We will help you review this form and decide which requests to accept or reject (if any).

Once the inspection period is complete, the buyer's lender will schedule an appraisal of your property (if the buyer is financing the purchase). The appraisal in completed by a licensed appraiser and determines the value that the bank is willing to lend on. If this appraisal comes in low, you and the buyer have the opportunity to negotiate a solution, or the contract can be canceled.

If the appraisal is satisfactory, the remainder of escrow is a waiting game while the buyer finalizes financing.

 Close of Escrow

Congratulations! You have sold your home.